Science and Technology Art

Stained Glass

I took a class on stained glass in high school, and I've been fascinated with it as an artistic medium ever since. This gallery contains two works with a similar theme: The first is a piece on flowers that blends organic into linear design elements, and the second is a piece on genetics uses a similar gradient from microscopy-based to digital based techniques for representing DNA.

Flowers thumbnailDNA thumbnail


I'm an avid sewist, and these days I make much of my clothing myself. In addition to garment sewing I do some quilting. The quilt below is one that took me eight years to finish. The design is based on an image of a Intel microprocessor chip that I saw in a Technology Review photo essay in December 2008. I loved the image and got obsessed with the idea of translating it into fabric. The overly complicated design I drafted ended up being a lot of work! I put it away and picked it up again many times over the years, finally finishing the quilt November 2016. Thanks to Robert Streiffer for taking the photos.

							 quilt overall
							 thumbnail Processor
							 quilt detail